Cruel medical stunt by Big Pharma could shorten life for Tampa 3-year-old being forced at GUNPOINT to undergo 3 years of chemotherapy

The most insidious medical stunt is happening again in America, and it’s happening right now. Doctors in Tampa, Florida have been authorized by a Judge to dose up a little boy with neurotoxins and immune-system-crippling chemicals for three straight years, and the parents no longer have any say in the matter.

Where is the American Medical Association now? Aren’t their credos about patient “consent” and “do no harm” worth anything? Little Noah McAdams, who allegedly has blood cancer called lymphoblastic leukemia, which was just discovered last month (April, 2019), has been ordered by an American judge to complete at least the first phase of a barbaric medication Western Medicine calls chemical therapy, even though the disease of cancer itself is literally fueled by chemicals, especially this type of blood cancer.

Against the wishes of the 3-year-old’s parents, boy to be infused with cancer-causing chemicals while kidnapped

Yes, the child has been removed from his parents’ legal custody so he can be medically tortured with unknown amounts of chemicals. Some Hillsboro County judge is playing God down in Tampa, and it’s a shame. It’s a scandal. Could he/she have been paid off by Big Pharma, in this seemingly promotional campaign that declares chemotherapy is some God-send of a medicine and deserving of violating the code of ethics put in place by the American Medical Association themselves?

We already know the popular herbicide Roundup, that contains 50 percent glyphosate, causes cancer of the blood and cleansing organs. We find this poison in most conventional U.S. crops, baby food, children’s cereals, tap water, and IV fluids, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Since the child just got diagnosed a few weeks ago, why not cut off the root causes of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia instead of crushing all hope with chemical torture? Let’s clean up the child’s chemical intake, including pesticides, genetically modified food, anything being put on his skin, hair, and teeth (think toxic lotions and toothpaste here), his water, his medicine, and the air he’s breathing, indoors and out. How much processed sugar has Noah McAdams eaten over the past year or so? Has any doctor done a complete nutritional panel on him yet, or has Allopathic America become so evil that all they run are MRIs and PET scans?

Noah’s folks, Joshua and Taylor, begged the court to let them pass on the chemotherapy, suggesting alternative medicine, including proven natural remedies of medicinal cannabis, vitamins, and diet change. By the way, intermittent fasting has shown great results at defeating this type of blood cancer. Plus, high doses of vitamins C and D might change everything, without risking demolishing the kid’s immune system with chemo.

What does the judge say to this? He tells the parents they can pursue those options WHILE the child gets dosed with chemo chemicals. Really? The entire premise of natural remedies is to cut out the chemicals and infuse Nature’s cures. How about some oil of oregano, hemp seed oil, garlic, cinnamon, licorice root, and for God’s sake, load up on the turmeric with curcumin.

Just two more TOXIC CHEMO sessions at the Allopathic Tyranny Complex and the nightmare may be over for Noah McAdams

While Big Pharma holds a gun to the heads of Noah’s parents and threatens to have their child permanently taken away from them if they don’t bow down to the ATC – the Allopathic Tyranny Complex, the last phase, of the first of three, prescribed “sessions” of chemo finally comes to a close for the medically tortured child.

Yet, it’s not quite over. The judge is waiting for the results of the bone marrow testing before Noah gets off the hook so easily (the doctors have plenty of gray area to lie here). Then the decision will be made as to whether Noah will be released from chemical prison, and not have to finish the 2nd and 3rd phases (years worth) of cancer-causing “medicine.”

Now the war is on – to battle deadly chemotherapy with natural, alternative treatments just to keep the child alive. Once the chemotherapy is complete, maybe the natural treatments can actually cure the leukemia in his blood. The case goes back to court in June.

Meanwhile, the Hillsborough Child “Protective” Investigations Division, with the help of a rogue social worker, relocated Noah to his grandmother’s house, where he’ll be safe from his own parents who want to keep the child from being drugged with chemicals for three years straight. How irresponsible of them!

The day before Big Pharma kidnapped Noah, the Hillsborough Sheriff’s office also played their part in the chemo publicity stunt by issuing a “Missing Endangered Child Alert.” Remember folks, once you sign up for chemo, it’s like signing up for the Navy, you ain’t gettin’ out of it. No traveling or family time for little Noah now, he’s a prisoner of the State (the “state” of insane barbaric medicine).

Tune in to for updates on fake medicine you’ll want to avoid at all costs before the state and the AMA forces them on you.

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