Health Ranger announces, featuring evidence-based news on cancer causes, cancer solutions

In addition to being awarded exclusive publishing rights for, we are now publishing, an evidence-based news website covering cancer causes and cancer solutions that are usually overlooked (or deliberately suppressed) by the cancer establishment.

On the left side of the home page, you’ll see all the evidence-based breaking news on cancer solutions. These articles cite academic studies, published science and research organizations. Here, you’ll find the extraordinary evidence supporting anti-cancer foods, herbs, therapies and more. The kind of articles you’ll find her include Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED with a turmeric supplement – British Medical Journal.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see articles covering causes of cancer, including chemical exposure, hormone disruption, inflammation and more. The kind of articles you’ll find here include Junk food fuels the cancer industry: New research finds diabetes and obesity cause nearly 800,000 cancers worldwide.

This division of “cancer causes” vs. “cancer solutions” allows you to focus on the content that suits you best. The vast majority of the stories offer scientific citations from one or more sources.

This project is part of the rapid content expansion project you’ve helped make happen thanks to your support for the Health Ranger Store, where you can shop for over 600 lab-verified products for healthy living. The Health Ranger Store is also expanding into a new manufacturing and fulfillment center over the next 60 – 90 days, enabling us to greatly increase our manufacturing throughput and shipment speed. (Thank you for supporting us.)

There is overwhelming scientific evidence to support the anti-cancer properties of foods, herbs and natural medicine

What you may find surprising is just how much scientific evidence already exists in support of the anti-cancer properties of foods, herbs, supplements, holistic lifestyle habits and natural medicine. The pharma-controlled media ignores most of these stories, pushing toxic chemotherapy as the go-to cancer “treatment” of choice, despite the overwhelming evidence that chemotherapy actually causes cancer. Our goal with is to publish a story on every single cancer-related science study that has real ramifications for public health.

Right now, we have a team of researchers who scour over 1,300 science and medicine sources each day, watching for breaking news on cancer, nutrition, botanical medicine and more. Currently we are easily finding over 25 science-related stories each day for consideration, and we’re ramping up our content creation and editing to publish as many of those stories as possible.

You’ll see these stories appearing on the following new authoritative websites we now publish (all of which are currently 100% ad-free, by the way):

Bookmark the sites that interest you most. New content appears daily. Expect minor site glitches from time to time as these sites are still undergoing some tweaking.

More site launches are coming in 2018, so stay tuned.

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