“Healing Cancer Coaching Program” begins tomorrow; first 10 modules released to the public for open viewing

Chris Wark is a phenomenal individual who beat cancer by rejecting the toxic cancer industry and turning to nutrition, patient empowerment and health education to beat cancer.

Chris literally saved his own life by finding the courage — and knowledge — to say “No!” to the deadly poisons and toxic treatments of the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry that preys on patients and uses fear as a weapon to ensnare patients.

Now, Chris Wark — best known for his website “Chris Beat Cancer” — is publicly releasing the first 10 modules of his extraordinary new program called the “Healing Cancer Coaching Program.”

Click here to watch the preview and sign up to view the 10 modules.

I consider this program an absolute “must-see” for any person who has been diagnosed with cancer. Before you make any decision about treatments, you need to know your options. You also need to know that your body knows how to beat cancer if you simply give it the right tools (and stop poisoning it with exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, foods and oncology treatments).

The cancer industry has killed 17.7 million people since January 1, 2000

As detailed on PharmaDeathClock.com, the cancer industry kills about a million people per year, racking up over 17.7 million deaths since January 1, 2000. The cancer industry is dominated by criminal felons such as Dr. Farid Fata, now sentenced to decades in prison after a U.S. Dept. of Justice investigation found he was falsely diagnosing patients with cancer in order to profit from the chemotherapy treatments.

The criminal cancer industry kills more people than cancer itself, yet death certificates of these victims are deceptively labeled, crediting “cancer” with their deaths rather than “chemotherapy” and other toxic cancer treatments.

Thanks to the toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs, radiation and surgery, the cancer industry has become one of the leading causes of death across our world. (Chemotherapy drugs are based on World War I chemical weapons such as mustard gas, used as weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield.) To make matters worse, the cancer industry has zero interest in curing cancer and ending its business model… it’s more interested in profiting from cancer than ending cancer.

To the cancer industry, patients are profits. The cancer industry absolutely does not want cancer to end because that would destroy its entire business model.

That’s why it’s crucial that you get educated now. Learn the truth about cancer prevention, cancer treatment, the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and more.

Click here to register for Chris Wark’s “Healing Cancer Coaching Program” and start empowering yourself with the knowledge the cancer industry hopes you never learn.



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