Cancer drug turns BLACK cancer patient WHITE due to side effect

Can a drug for cancer be racist? That might be the rallying call of “antifa” terrorists, should they find out about what’s happening to Paula Edwards, a 54-year-old black woman from Loughborough in England. Edwards has reportedly been taking a drug for terminal kidney cancer known as Votrient (pazopanib), manufactured by Novartis, that she says is gradually causing her naturally black skin to turn white.

In 2012, when Edwards was given just 12 months to live, she began to take Votrient with positive results. She continued taking the drug, but started to notice that her skin pigment was turning less black over time. She notified her doctors who, while they admitted that this was a potential side effect associated with the drug, indicated that they had never before seen it in any of their patients. That’s when experts from the United States were called in to evaluate.

Because the drug is reportedly working so well, Edwards plans to keep taking it to extend her life. But she told the media that she feels as though she is “losing her identity as a black woman” as a result, which isn’t something that she’s all that happy about. Edwards’ friends are already accusing her of getting her skin bleached, though she insists that she’s not doing anything of the sort, and that it’s all a result of Votrient.

“I was put on this medication and it’s been a gradual lightening of my pigmentation and skin ever since,” Edwards is quoted as saying. “I first noticed because I had a picture of myself and my daughter Reccarnei at her 18th on May 14 of last year. I started very subtly going a bit lighter but it wasn’t obvious, I was still quite dark and then it progressed.”

For consistency’s sake, ‘antifa’ thugs should tear down Novartis manufacturing plants to resist racism

If the lunatic left is really serious about addressing institutional racism, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at Novartis, the corporation responsible for producing Votrient. If this drug is actively removing people’s ethnic identities and turning them Caucasian, then it has to be removed from society, right?

That’s what “antifa” keeps saying about all of the monuments enshrining elements of the Confederacy. These rock and metal statues are apparently a painful reminder to some people of institutionalized racism, even though racism was present on the Union side of the Civil War as well. In fact, the Civil War was more about states’ rights than it was about keeping slaves – as evidence by the 65,000-plus Confederate soldiers who were black. But facts aren’t important to “antifa,” so the statues have to go.

So in order to remain consistent in its position, will “antifa” go after Novartis as well? Maybe form human chains around its manufacturing plants? Or storm its facilities and start removing all the symbols involved with the creation of racist drugs: things like conveyor belts and packaging stations, for instance.

I mean, it’s important to remove every symbol, or even perceived symbol, of racism from society so as not to offend anyone, right? It’s all about not being offended, these days. And since Edwards is offended by what Votrient is doing to her body, it is only right and just that the offending drug be banished forever – apparently using violence if necessary, as this is the “antifa” way.

For Edwards, she plans to trod on with hopeful anticipation that she won’t turn completely lily white. In the meantime, she’s frustrated and says she plans to “hope and pray” that she doesn’t go completely white.

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